world craft cities

world craft cities

World Craft City for Woodcarving (Munabbat)

Date of Registration: 2018 In Farsi, Abadeh means a reclaimed area and its origin goes back to 1000 B.C. It is located in Fars Province, on the main road between the two main big cities of Isfahan ...

World Craft City for Klash (Footwear) Stitching

Marivan is located in 125 km northwest of Sanandaj, in vicinity to Iran-Iraq border at the height of 1320 meters above the sea level. Zagros Mountains constitute the most unevenness lands of Mariva...

World Craft City for Hand-woven Floor Covering (Zilu)

Meybod is located in the northwest of Yazd, beside Tehran- Bandar Abbas road and Tehran-Kerman railway, along the edge of the central desert of Iran with the height of 1234 m above the sea level. I...

World Craft City for Kilim

Sirjan is located among the central mountains and the eastern mountains of Zagros at 175 km southwest of Kerman with the height of 1766 meters above the sea level. The low and even lands of the Kav...