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Carpets of Sanandaj


Kurdistan province is one of the centers that has heavily influenced the handicraft of carpets in Iran. Kurdistan carpets are also known as “Namir” carpets which means that they do not perish. There are almost no other techniques that differ from each other like the three styles of Kurdistan carpets. These styles are Seneh, Bijar and nomadic carpets of Kurdistan. The Seneh carpets are specifically made in the city of Seneh, today known as Sanandaj, that is the center of Kurdistan. The second style is used in the city of Bijar, which is surrounded by more than forty villages, and finally, the third style that is used by the hands of nomads.

According to the specialists, Seneh carpets have a unique charm to them. Their best products have very delicate structures and, in terms of pattern and color, are simple and original which make them the most pleasant and dominant weave amongst the products of other regions of Iran. Their style is unique, too. To make a Kurdistan carpet, yarn replaces the wool as wraps and wefts, a trick that makes them stronger and more durable. Most of the knots are symmetrical. The weavers use colors like lac red, blue, dark blue, gray and brown as the background. Bright cream is only used in the carpets that have the motif of “Hasht Gol”. Limited number of motifs are used in Bijar carpets and they are mostly cursive. Amongst them, Harti or paisley is used more than other motifs.

Motifs and patterns of Kurdistan carpets are quiet versatile. They include: “Rubi Azhdar”, “Mahi Bijar” , “Mahi Sanandaj”, “Gol e Mirza Ali” , “Gol e Mina” , “Gol e Vakili”, “Gol e Farang Bijar”, “Gol e Farang Sanandaj”, “Mahi Afshar”, “Gol o Bolbol”, “Bid-e Majnoon”, “Dargol” , “Gol o Goldan”, “Zir Khaki”, hunting grounds, and many more. Each of them has their special beauty and many of them are floral. Most of the pigments used to dye the yarns are herbal and produced traditionally. For example, Rubia skin produces dark brown, palm leaflets produce yellow, and more color that give these carpets a wonderful sensation.

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