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Google your way out in Iran

Google your way out in Iran

When you’re traveling to Iran, either solo or on a tour, either online or offline, make sure you have Google Maps app on your cellphone. You can find most of tourist attractions and amenities on Google Maps and get turn-by-turn directions to places easily.

If you buy an Iranian sim card upon arrival or activate your operator’s roaming services, you can use it online and find a walking and driving rout. Since roaming may cost you a lot, we recommend you to buy a sim card of Iranian operators. As you know, the cost are more reasonable when you use a local service.

Google Maps shows you directions and finds the best rout to any destinations using real-time traffic information. It is an amazing service to get the walking directions and if you hire a car to drive in Iran to travel in or between cities, it will find you the best rout considering traffic information and distances.

Public transport is a part of local life experience, but Iranian public transport system is not supported by Google services, and they are not available on Google.

If you decided to go offline and do not want to use internet while you’re enjoying the never-ending beauty of Iran, it is a good idea to download the offline map of the cities of your choice to make sure you will find your way there. Turn on the GPS on your tablet or cellphone and you are ready to go.

You can pre-download the areas you want before you leave your hotel or whenever you find WiFi Access; just type OK Maps on the search bar. Google will do the magic.

Apart from Google Maps, you can check out Atlas Gitashenasi Institute which provides maps of every city in Iran at their website at Tourists also suggest Lonely Planet maps as a good guide.

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