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Golden Autumn of Ahar

Golden Autumn of Ahar

Ahar Village and Shekarab Waterfall

For somebodies, autumn is the king of the seasons. They believe colors give supremacy to autumn rather than the other seasons. If you do not want to watch the colors, the trees of your house yard, alley and neighborhood will invite you to see them.

No, we want to guide you to discover a new autumn just around here. A place outskirt of Tehran with a real autumn, a vibrant historical village.

In order to access Ahar you ought to find Lashgarak Road and then follow Oushan Fasham Road. The first village you will cross is Haji Abad, you will arrive to Oushan some kilometers further. In order to route to Ahar you ought to exit the main road in Oushan and drive to the northwest in an asphalted road of Ahar which crosses through gardens and reaches to the main square of Ahar.

Ahar is always beautiful, in every season it has a special display. But by coming of autumn, the trees wear a colorful dress and leaves start to fall. If you want to see the greatest display of Ahar in autumn, it’s better to be here from late October to late November.

Trees are also spectacular in spring, especially April and May with the blossoms of apple and cherry.

Next to Ahar village there is a waterfall which is called Shekarab, in order to access it you ought to pass the alleys of village. In the village you can see the landscape of Aharbashm Summit with 3125-meter height. In this season the first snow of the cold season has been fallen and covered the mountains.

Fortunately, in Ahahr there are quiet alleys and you still can walk without any noise. In walking you will face with the kind gardeners who say hello and got to work on their lands.

Both sides of alleys are covered by the apple trees, sour cherry, cherry and walnut, so you will see a colorful autumn. The golden color of leaves in combination with sunlight which finds its way hard between the mass of branches make you stop and see this picturesque landscapes.

Soil is covered by the yellow and red leaves and a mild wind is blowing, you will see the leaves falling.

It’s one of the prettiest autumns that you can see in Iran. While leaves turn to yellow but still fresh and soft, and there is no sound of cracking when you walk. It’s time to lay on the colorful carpet of soil and watch the sunlight which is pouring down drop by drop.

Follow the path to Imamzadeh and Shekarab Waterfall, you will arrive to Shekarab River which is flowing through the valley. Water is so cold and irresistible.

You will enter the next valley with high walls and hanging rocks on them, it’s really wonderful. Imamzadeh is so close, from village to Imamazadeh there is a dusty road with signs to show the correct direction, the building belongs to Qajar era, and it’s the tomb of Sayed Zahed and Sayed Taher.

Shekarab waterfall is located 10 minutes further. The volume of water is good in autumn with high clean quality. Drops of water pour down and it makes the weather be cold near the waterfall. this coldness is a good opportunity to try Dizi in a café near Imamzadeh and chat with the kind owner.

There is a beautiful mountaineering route from Ahar which reaches to a deserted village, which is called Dehtangeh. Proceeding this rout is possible in a day, even with middle physical conditions you can proceed it in 2 or 3 hours.

There also a route to Qaleh Dokhtar from Ahar. Seasonal waterfall of Chehel Poleh is located a short distance after Dehtangeh.

Some tips to travel to Ahar.

You can park your car in the main square of village.

Fortunately, there is a public restroom in the entrance of village.

You should protect land and environment during the trip, it’s the only expectation of rural people.

If you travel in summer, please be cautious about the property of local people, especially the fruit trees and gardens, it’s better to ask them to pick up fruits or entering the gardens.

Village is a place where some people are living. So noisy activities make them annoyed.

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