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Abolhassan Sadighi (Tehran)


Abolhassan Sadighi, a renowned Iranian sculptor and painter, was born in 1276 SH in Tehran. He finished his elementary education in Aghdasieh School in Tehran. He began showing interest in painting and drawing when he was a school student. He drew lines, motifs and sketches on every piece of paper or cardboard he could find. He created figures out of paste, and animals out of garden soil. Later he entered the Alliance High School. Gradually his passion for painting overshadowed other lessons of school.

Nevertheless, he finished his education successfully. After consulting his family, he applied in Sanaye Mostazrafeh (Fine Arts School) of Kamal ol-Molk to pursue painting. He had now found his path. First, he became a skillful painter and then began working with stone and clay. He used to make small sculptures at home, and showed some of them to his master. Realizing his passion, Kamal ol-Molk told him to work on sculptures at school, too, and never stopped encouraging him to do so. His first marble sculpture was Venus de Milo (a sculpture of the ancient Greek goddess, Aphrodite). Kamal ol-Molk was quite pleased with the work and made sure he was highly praised for it. Abolhassan Sadighi introduced it the court of Ahmad Shah Qajar. The king became very interested in the work and ordered for him to be paid thirty Tomans each month. The sculpture, however, is now lost.

One year later, Abolhassan Sadighi began working as a teacher, and next year as the director of Sanaye Mostazrefeh School. He continued perfecting his techniques and created fine pieces of sculpture. In 1307 SH, by the advice and support of Kamal ol-Molk, he went to Paris to finish his education. He studied engraving at the Fine Arts School, and the atelier of Master Angaliere. Some of his works are small sculptures of Amir Kabir, Rostam o Sohrab made with heated clay. In 1310 SH Sadighi returned to Iran. By the time of his return, the Kamal ol-Molk School of Fine Arts we dissolved. Therefore, with the help of a friend, he reestablished it under the administration of the Industry and Agriculture Ministry of the time.

He also taught at the School of Fine Arts that later turned into a university, where he also held the position of directory of Department of Sculptures. Another valuable piece of art created by him is the two-meter-and-seventy-centimeter sculpture of Justice positioned at the entrance gate of the Ministry of Justice of the time, sculpture of Sa’di at the Sa’di Square in Shiraz, sculpture of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) at his tomb, sculpture of Nader Shah and his companions at his tomb in Mashhad, sculpture of Ferdowsi in his square in Tehran, sculpture of Khayam at Laleh Park in Tehran, sculpture of Amir Kabir in Mellat Park of Tehran, and the sculpture of Ya'qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar in Zabol. Abolhassan Sadighi passed away in 1374 SH at the age of one hundred and one.

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