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Exploring Yazd

Exploring Yazd

Day 1

Yazd is the first Iranian city that has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. All the tourists enjoy hanging out in this city with its unique context. Reaching Yazd from wherever you are in Iran is not difficult, thanks to both the airport and railway station. 

As you arrive in Yazd, go to the Fahadan neighborhood and the old part of the city. Passing through narrow alleys and Sabats (an urban feature that allows passengers to rest and enjoy the shadow) lets you feel like being in a desert city. On your way, you will see Alexander’s Prison, the Shrine of Davazdah Imams, and finally the Masjed-e Jame of Yazd (Jama Mosque). You can also visit handicrafts workshops and confectionary workshops on your path, which is the best opportunity to buy your souvenirs.

For those visitors who are enthusiastic about historical houses, Lari-Ha Mansion could be an attractive option. Lari-Ha Mansion is a place where you can see artistic decorations in the rooms. In the old part of the city, many historical houses have become traditional hotels. These houses can be the best options for your stay.

After visiting the Fahadan neighborhood, visit the Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd. While visiting this attraction, you can get acquainted with their customs. The fire of this place is stated to have not been extinguished before Islam.

Finish your journey by browsing the old bazaar of Yazd and stay in one of the traditional complexes of this city.

حسینیه فهادانبقعه دوازد اماممسجد جامع


Day 2

Yazd has known the city of Wind-catchers (Shahr-e Badgir-HA). Its tallest wind-catcher is located on the outskirts of the city and in the Dowlat Abad Garden. This wind-catcher has been named the highest wind-catcher in the world. Dowlat Abad Garden is one of the most eye-catching gardens in Iran, is on the list of the World heritage sites as an Iranian Gardens.

باغ دولت آباد

Then, pay a visit to a beautiful and unique museum. The Museum of Mirror and Lighting of Yazd, known as the palace of Mirror of Yazd, enjoys spectacular stucco and painting, colorful glasses, wooden doors, and artistic designs. The building of this museum is the same house as Sarafzadeh will amaze you.

One of the symbols of Yazd is the Amirchakhmaq complex, which always has a welcoming atmosphere with the presence of tourists. The large and famous Nakh of Yazd, which carry out in Muharram mourning and Nakhl-Gardani (a Shia religious ritual), is also kempt in this complex.

There is also Yazd Water Museum within easy walking distance to the Amirchakhmaq Complex. By visiting this gorgeous attraction, you can get acquainted with the art and skills of Iranians in finding, maintaining, and using water in one of the driest places in the world. The building of this museum is an old house which is known as the house of Kolahdouz-Ha.

Day 3

Today, it is time to set off for the outskirts of the Yazd to know about one of the Zoroastrian customs of Yazd in the past. The destination is the Tower of Silence. The Tower, built on a hill, was a place to bring the dead back to nature.

To take full advantage of your time, our next suggestion is Fahraj, situated 30 km from the city center. The old context of this village and its Jama Mosque will satisfy you.

If you have enough time, drop by Mehriz on the way back and visit the stunning Pahlavanpur Garden.


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