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Laylat Al-Qadr


There are different times in a year some of which more important with a special grandeur due to the blessings and mercy of God and his effects on these times. One of these special times is Laylat al-Qadr in Islam which is the most valuable night in a year. The importance of this night has been described in holy Quran verses and an independent Sura with the name of “Al-Qadr” which has been revealed especially about this grandeur night.

The probable night of Al-Qadr in the Shia beliefs is one of the nights of 19th, 21st or 23rd of Ramadan and the Sunni communities believe in 27th night of Ramadan as Al-Qadr night.

The immediate reveal of the Quran Surah (in addition to the gradual reveal), the reveal of the angels and the soul of earth to convey the annual decree of humankind, the attack to the first Imam of Shia’ Ali ibn Abi Talib, in Mihrab while worshiping in the 19th night of Ramadan and his consequent martyrdom in the 21st night of Ramadan are the reasons to the increased importance of this night in Islam. The sins of Mulsim are forgiven in this extraordinary and exceptional night by God. Acts such as vigil, ghusl, prayer, reading Qur'an and prayer, vow and pray for forgiving the sins are recommended during this night. Divine blessings and the special mercy of God are revealed to humankind in these nights.

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