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Kharman Celebration

Kharman Celebration

Agriculture is one of the sacred jobs that people in different regions have been busy with since past times. The celebration of Kharman (harvest) is a traditional, olden and lasting ceremony in northern Iran which is held at the end of the agricultural season after a period of planting and harvesting the products of wheat and rice paddy to eliminate farm workers fatigue in spring and summer in Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan provinces since Qajar era.

This celebration is a symbol of the gratitude, friendship and cooperation of the people and a way to preserve and revive ancient traditions and native culture. Agricultural products harvesting by basic tools was very hard work so that it was being done in several stages by individuals and by using livestock such as horses and etc., in the past time. Traditional ceremony of Kharman (Harvesting) is done through symbolic performance of harvesting with traditional agricultural tools and implements.

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