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Feast of Gol o Giah (flowers and plants)

Feast of Gol o Giah (flowers and plants)

Having the biggest greenhouse complex in the production and cultivation of ornamental plants, Mahalat (city of flower) is known as the Netherland of Iran. This city is one of the main centers for producing natural flowers and plants in Iran and includes a huge part of flower production and its distribution in Iran. As one of the oldest cities in growing flowers which is located in hillsides and it is far from the factories which produce pollution, this city is also known as “the mythical paradise”. Mahalat has a long history in producing flower and ornamental plants in Asia, hence, it owns a special and proper situation in export and it has gained the world markets. Besides, having a beautiful nature, some hot springs, historical and ancient monuments, this city considered a touristic attraction.

Since 1379 SH, the feast of flower and plants was hold annually for who were interested in natural flower and plant during three or four days in early Shahrivar (the sixth month of Solar Hijri calendar) as a very beautiful exhibition with other activities while representing the city's high potential and its accomplishments during the festival. Regarding the pleasant climate of this area in spring and the variety and persistence of most of the flowers, after studying the conditions this feast was transferred from Shahrivar to Ordibehesht (the second month of the Solar Hijri calendar). There are a lot of people in this province and also from other cities in Iran as well as foreign visitors from neighboring countries and some European countries such as the Netherlands who come to Mahalat to visit and to buy some flowers and plants every year although there are exhibitions in other cities of Iran.

The festival offers a wide variety of direct sales and supply of all kinds of flowers and herbs in a variety of colors and flavors. Also it includes representing apartment flower, cut flowers, the flowers of gardens and greenery, related industries, production and maintenance equipment, training, floral design in different forms and shapes, park equipment and gardening machines, research departments, and abilities of Mahalat which is accompanied by special programs coordinated to the performance of the fair and happy celebrations. The effects of the ceremony are also evident in the use of flowers and plants in different parts of the city. Introducing local flowers and plants through this festival has had a significant impact on introducing this region in Iran to attract and develop tourism and economic, cultural and social growth in this small city.

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