How to take buses in Tehran?

How to take buses in Tehran?

As a tourist of a few days in Iran, you might not need to take a bus and mostly take a taxi or hire a driver to tour around the city. But if you intend to stay longer in Iran, the buses are very cheap and are practically a free ride to travel around the city. They are well connected and carry a great load of traffic in the city.

Bus Rapid Transport (BRT)

BRT is the most useful and rapid buses on dedicated lanes in Tehran. The BRT carries about 2 million people a day. The buses normally arrive every three or four minutes in 10 routes across the city.

Travelers can buy pre-paid cards or Metro Cards to tap their card to pay for their ride. Travelers can purchase their Bus and Metro card from ticket machines at metro stations, and BRT stops.

Once the card is purchased, they are chargeable by bus conductors or travelers can charge them at ticket machines.


Local bus network in Tehran is quite extensive. Although buses are very crowded and slow compared with the Metro, they are relatively cheap compared with taxis and other transportation systems. If you do, you’ll find buses run from 5am until 9pm. There are 10 active night bus routes working from 10pm to 5am to cover the night journeys in Tehran.

You can either pay cash to drivers at the end of your journey or tap your pre-paid Bus and Metro Card to pay for your ride. The cards can be charged at ticket booths in every bus stop or bus terminals.

How to ride buses in Tehran

Use Bus App
Tehran municipality published an application on both Android and iOS for travelers to plan their journey by public transport. Users can check bus and metro arrivals, congestion zones, gas stations, hospitals and many more close to the point of choice.
Choosing the starting and ending point of a journey; the application suggests the best routes between stations and stops, places of interest, address. The Android version of Tehran Traffic is available for free download from Google Play. If you can read Persian, it is also available to download for iOS.

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