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Sepidan city is located in the cold part of Fars province in the southwest of Iran. As obvious by its name, Sepidan is best known for its cold winters, snowy peaks and hillsides, due to being placed on 3000meters above sea level.

This city is the place of one of the biggest pistes of winter sports in south Zagros so that it is the host of many tourists in winters from far and near regions of the world.

Sepidan is placed on the hillside of Zagros mountains, in the northwest of Shiraz and in the direction of Shiraz to Yasuj. This city includes three parts as a central district, Hamayjan and Beyza.

Sepidan people speak in Ardakani, a dialect of Pahlavi language. It is among the old dialects of Farsi language which is, to much extent, similar to the dialects of Lori language and is spoken in some parts of Fars and Khuzestan provinces, as well.

So many tourism attractions, being close to the center of the province and the abundance of freshwater resources have provided the proper investment opportunities in this city. Besides the earnings of tourism industry, the factories of composite, mineral water, matches, cosmetics and clothes are the other economic elements of this small city.

The main attractions of this city are the mountainous nature, snowy peaks along with waterfalls, springs and sluices. Two large ski pistes namely Pooladkaf and Tarbiat Badani are the host of thousands of the enthusiasts of winter sports. Margoon, Chikan and Morzian waterfalls, Tang-e Tizab, Tang-e Ghureh Dan, Tang-e Absard and Berem Firooz and Berem Sheshpir lakes are among other attractions of this good weather city.

If you are interested in winter travels and seeing the beautiful landscapes of the winter, the best time for you to travel to Sepidan and enjoying the beauties of the snowy fields is winter. However, if you prefer the lush nature, unique waterfalls and boiling springs, you should choose the spring and summer for traveling.

One of the main comestibles of the region is a processed meat named Ghormeh which is in fact the result of a process that was used in the past for long-term conservation of meat. In this method, the meat is fried in the sheep tail fat oil and then conserved inside the sheepskin.  This skin is then placed in the basement or a cold room. This method was an appropriate substitute for frizzing or salting down.

The other famous food of this region is Baneh pottage the main ingredient of which is the green fruit of mountain pistachio called Baneh in local dialect. Kardeh pottage, dough pottage, Polohakal, Kalk (oak) bread and Dopiazeh are other especial foods of Sepidan.

Different fresh and dries fruits, handicrafts, wild plants and mountain pistachio are among the souvenirs bought by tourists of Sepidan.

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