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استان خوزستان
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Dezful is located beside the Dez River, in the plain parts of Khuzestan province, with the height of 140 meters above sea level with a hot and arid climate.

Dezful consists of 4 parts naming “Markazi”,”Sardasht”,”Choghamish”,”Shahyon”, 9 cities and  11 rural districts. This city is one of the oldest one in Khuzestan province with many outstanding historical, natural and cultural features.

Dezful economy is based on agriculture, livestock and industrial factories. This city has a privileged agricultural position, including, in terms of producing fruits and vegetables in Iran, because of the important river’s presence, such as Dez, Karkh, and fertile plain of Dezful.

There are many cotton-spinning factories in this city and currently, many small and medium industries are engaged to produce goods in Dezful. Dezful has been hit by missiles many times during the Iraq -Iran imposed war. This city has been located on the connecting way of Tehran - Ahwaz (the capital of Khuzestan province) and it is the first commercial center in the north of Khuzestan province with a good business relationship with Lorestan province.

The population of the city has been constituted of various tribes, including Lur, Bakhtiari, Dezfuli, Arabs, Turks and Kurds minorities and other ethnic groups who mostly speak in Farsi with Dezfooli local dialect. The people of this city are Shiite Muslims.

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