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Delijan is one of the oldest cities of Markazi Province located in the way of Tehran to Isfahan. waterproofing factories in this city have a high reputation. 
Delijan shares land borders with Mahallat to the west and with Kashan to the east. Its northern neighbor is Qom province and the southern one is Isfahan province. Two cities of Delijan and Naragh are the subcategories of Delijan County. The central district and the rural districts of Do Dehak, Hastijan, Jasb and Jushaq are belonged to this city. 
The region was the subordinate of Markazi province from 1356 S.H, and then it was turned into a city in 1357 S.H. It is 239 kilometers distance from Delijan to the capital, 153 kilometers to Arak and 182 kilometers to Isfahan. 
The height of Delijan is 1530meters above the sea level and it is a semi-arid climate. The rainfall is here lower than the other cities of the province. 
There are two narratives about the old name of the city. It was probably called Deligan which has been converted to Delijan after the Arab conquest. The other narrative is that the name of city originated from the bravery of people who lived in the region and it was Daliregan (means the brave people). Over time it has been turned first into Dalirjan and then into Delijan. At present, people of this city speak in Farsi language, Delijani or Raji dialect. 
Being considered to be the third industrial city of the province, the rate of unemployment is relatively low here, especially in comparison to the other cities of the province. Leaving out the factories of waterproofing, Delijan factories of machine-woven carpet, industrial slaughterhouse and the production of mineral powders have attracted so many workforces. 
The beginning of spring and autumn is the best time for traveling to this region for the reason that the weather is then temperate and it provides a suitable opportunity for visiting the Delijan attractions. 
Do Dehak Caravanserai remained from Safavid dynasty is among the most famous tourism attractions of this area close to which there exist the Shah Abbasi Bridge. 
Nakhjir cave with 70million years lifetime was discovered in 1368 S.H. Many cave trekkers visit this natural attraction each year. Jasb is also one of the pleasing villages of the region to which the rock climbers of the Markazi province have highly paid attention for the existence of high rocky valleys and walls. 
Halim pottage is one of the most famous local foods of the city made from meat, beans and frumenty. Dough broth or Dodar, barely pottage or Jodo with rumen, cucumber pottage, Ogarmeh, Tah Tali kebab and Garmeh dough are among the local foods of this city. Tourists buy Poolaki, candy, sugar halva and candy nutmeg as Delijan souvenirs. Pomegranate, cucumber and watermelon are also grown in the region.

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