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استان کهگیلویه و بویراحمد
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Bahmai is one of the cities of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province which was upgraded to the level of a city in 1384 S.H. The center of Bahmai is Likak city. Bahmai shares land borders with Baqmalek, Charoosa and Dishmok to the north, with Behbahan to the south, with Yasuj to the east and with Ramhormoz and Omidiyeh to the west. The city is located between two cold and tropical regions along the Zagros mountains. The distance of this city to Bahmai is 54km and to Boyer-Ahmad is 300km.

The area of Bahmai is 1447km2, it has a population of 38000, according to the census 1395 S.H. The people of Bahmai tribe speaks in a special dialect of Lori language, that is something between Kohgiluyeh Lori and Bakhtiari Lori. The people of Bahmai tribe have a common ancestor namely Bahman. 

There exist many oil and gas sources and different mines such as Celestin mine where some of the inhabitants are occupied with this industry. Also, job of most of the people in this place has been agriculture and animal husbandry.

The most famous tourism attraction of Bahmai is Tang-e Sulak or Tang-e Sarvak. This region is placed between two mountains and is full of Mediterranean cypresses. In addition to the natural beauty of Tang-e Sarvak, there exist several historic reliefs on the carved stone inside the Tang. These works which have been nationally inscribed are related to Parthian period. Berm-e Alvan is one of the attractions around Bahmai which has many trees and shrubs such as oak and mountain almond on its hills. This place has a good weather during springs and summers so that it is the right time for nature trekking.

There are many gardens and freshwater springs in Tang-e Magher which attract people. Located in the north of Lakik, the remains of Nader castle which is also known as Kalat al-Nazir is among other attractions of this region.

Local people in Bahmai cook different kinds of local breads like Tiri, Bolboli, Garde, Barko or Tapo. Interesting among the local foods are Kaleh Joosh with oak bread, Dova or dough pottage, Kalg-e Gusht that is a kind of broth, Horrah or rice pottage. Shole dough, Shole Kashki and eggplant Halim.

One can buy the scented honey, walnut and dairy products like animal butter as souvenirs of this region. The handicrafts such as kilim, Khorjin, Gabbe, Jajim and local customs are also among souvenirs of Bahmai. Bahmai tribe has its own rituals in joy and mourning. Choob Bazi and Dastmal Bazi are among their rituals in time of happiness.

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