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استان بوشهر
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Asaluyeh is hosting one of the most important gas fields in Iran which has become one pole of oil and gas industry in Iran after development of South Pars gas fields.

It is placed in Bushehr Province and reaches to Persian Gulf to the south. It has 285km distance from Bushehr city, the center of the Province. The climate here is highly warm and humid in summers, however, the it becomes relatively temperate in the second half of the year.

The center of the city is Asaluyeh Port. The city has been divided into two districts and four rural districts. Asaluyeh has been established in 1391 SH as the result of Kangan division.

The weather is not so much pleasant in warm seasons, however, it is a good weather during winters and autumns which are the best time for traveling to this region.

Asaluyeh is one of the main Gas manufacturers in Iran hosting a part of the Pars especial economic zone and South Pars Gas Field. South Pars Gas Field is placed on the shared border line of Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf waters. Asaluyeh and Kangan Ports have been considered as the coastal regions suitable in order to establish land facilities for conducting the projects related to South Pars. In addition, several petrochemical factories are working here. However, the environmental pollution has been considerably increased in recent years as a result of South Pars different gas fields established there.

Being located in the coasts of Persian Gulf, Asaluyeh shows a high tourism potential in this region. Although, the first place in the region has been occupied by the petrochemical industry, we can also take a brief look at the tourism affairs regarding the existence of the beautiful rock and sand beaches around Asaluyeh Port. Nayband National Park in Asaluyeh is one of the most important habitats of the country wild life protected by the Environmental Organization confronting the industrial pollution in the region.

Fishing and sea trading are the main jobs of people here. However, many young people have been also occupied with the industry in recent years after the extensive development of gas, oil and petrochemicals in the region. Establishing different phases of South Pars and several Petrochemical factories make Asaluyeh one of the economic poles of Bushehr province.

Both Shia’ and Sunni followers live here and locals speak in Arabic.

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