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Shesh Andaz


Shesh Andaz (Persian: شش انداز, [Shesh Andāz]) are among the traditional foods of Zanjan province. In Zanjan province, it is customary to cook this food on Chaharshanbe Soori (a prominent festival held on the last Thursday night of the year). Ingredients used in this food include onion, raisins, barberry, walnut, eggs, dates, saffron and salt, vinegar, and grape syrup.
How to cook this delicious dish:
First, slice the onion and fry it. The dates are then divided into two halves. Mix all the ingredients and finally add the eggs and stir these ingredients thoroughly. Pour oil into the frying pan and wait for the oil to heat up. Pour the prepared ingredients into the frying pan and reduce the flame very low till the flavors are married. Finally, add the condiments, which are vinegar and grape syrup, and allow them to be cooked. Now the food is ready to serve. The time required for cooking is about 1.5 hours.
In Shesh Andaz, raisins can be removed from the recipe, and just barberry can be added. This method is suitable for people who cannot have this food due to its sweet taste.
The health-giving property of this food include:
It is highly useful for people with low blood pressure

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