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Adasi is a simple, delicious, and light food. This hot food is the perfect and excellent breakfast for cold winter days. This dish is a simple and easy to prepare, and very nutritious food.
This food is rich in protein, iron, and high fiber due to the lentils and other nutrients and vitamins.
Adasi can also be eaten in a small amount as an appetizer or snack and a larger quantity as the main meal.
Lentils is a  foodstuff when mixing with potatoes, will have a hearty and delicious taste, and is one of the best food that can be used when you have a cold.
The recipe of the Adasi has changed over the years that some even add mushrooms to it.
The main ingredients of this food consist of lentils and fried onions, but various ingredients such as potatoes, bulgur, mushrooms, and even mung bean are used in its preparation.
Also, spices such as turmeric, angelica, pepper are used in this food. Cumin and cinnamon are also added depending on the people’s taste.
 Chefs cook it with meat and chicken extracts or meat to give it a better taste and flavor. Some persons like to add lemon juice and tomato paste to Adasi, but you can try it without them. This food is often served with one of the delicious Iranian bread.

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