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Traditional Clothes of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad


Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad is a small province in the west of Iran restricted to Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari and Bushehr from north and south, to Isfahan and Khuzestan from east and west. Fars province is also located in the southeast of this province. Lur tribes are the main inhabitants of this region. Like Bakhtiaries, they are a brunch of the Greater Lur tribe, who are named Buyer Ahmadi. Lur people of this region has a very beautiful, unique and distinctive clothing from other Lurs of Iran. Buyer Ahmadi men wear a creamy dress that reaches to the knee and is called Jobe or Jeqa. This dress is fastened to the body with the aid of a silk string named Zonara that is tightened around the chest. Dalg is a patterned white clock that is long and open. The men use a shawl over the Dalg. It is 10 meters and its tightening needs high skill. The shawl is typically white or opium color. Totally, the clothing of Buyer Ahmadi men is distinguished by its bright colors. Their pants have tight legs. They use Giveh or Melki as their main footwear. Their hat is also of the unique parts of their clothing; it is in form of a semisphere made of sheep wool, rough and rigid like a bowl and grey or black. They also wear nightcap. Buyer Ahmadi women use highly covering clothes that are still popular even among the urban people. Their clothes are made of the bright and happy colors inspired by the nature. they call their scarf Meyna and wear a kerchief over it. A beautiful small hat is put on the head before the Meyna that is highly decorated. Their main dress is long covering the whole body, it has long sleeves and is called Jomeh. It has two slashes from the waist to the ankle and a beautiful folded long skirt is seen between each slash. About five meters of fabric needs to sew this skirt. People of this region use a kind of handwoven socks that is attached to a leather shoes. Legar, Muzeh, Giveh and Orsi are other footwear of this region.

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