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Traditional Clothes of Ilam Province


Ilam is the frontier western province of Iran that is restricted to Kermanshah and Khuzestan provinces, from the north and south, and Lorestan province is located in its east. It also shares land borders with Iraq country from the west.  Mountainous and plain climates in two parts bring a semi-warm weather for this region. Approximately 90% of people in this province are from Kurd ethnic group who live along with a group of Lur people. However, people of this region speak in three languages of Lurish, Kurdish and Laki. Ilami clothing is sometimes known as Laki, too. This clothing is very similar to the common clothing of Kermanshah. Today, using the traditional and local clothes is not so much popular in Ilam. Ilam women wear a dress that is somewhat shorter than Keras, that is the main Sanandaj dress, so that it reaches to about 10 centimeters above the ankle. They wear this dress along with Kurdish pants. It means that they wear pants under their dress and therefore, their clothing is totally covered in which Islamic Hijab is considered. The lower part of this dress is folded from waist to the end, but Keras has no fold. They put on a vest over their dress that is very looser than Sanandaj Sukhmeh. It reaches to the waist and is embroidered with colorful strips. Different headdresses with local names are common here such as Golvani, Sakari, Hebr, Maqna and Qatreh. It also should be said that both Kurdish and Lurish clothing are common in Ilam and even we may see the Arab style of clothing due to its juxtaposition to Khuzestan from the south. Ilam men put on a hat named locally Kelav that is not generally common. They also tighten a fabric headband named Lachaki over their head. Faranji is a kind of woolen cloth like a vest that is similar to the clothing of shepherds and it is among the most original clothes of Kurds. They also use another vest named Sukhmeh over their dress. Ilam men call their pants Shoval and they wear Kelash as their shoes. Among the Arab clothes common in this province Dashdasheh and Aba is more visible. 

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