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Caravanserais in Semnan

Caravanserais in Semnan

Mayamey, Shahroud, Damghan, Semnan, Garmsar


Day 1

we want to accompany you in a part of a route that caravans pass through in the past and like the passengers in those days take a rest in caravanserais that are in our way.  

One of the main part of Abbasi caravanserai that had been constructed in the Silk Road are in Semnan province for visiting them you have to enter the province from northeast. The beginning of this trip is Sabzevar city in Razavi Khoraasan and the last point is Qom. From Sabzevar proceed Imam Reza Road, that is the name of route linked Tehran to Mashhad.

After 150 kilometers from Sabzevar to Shahrud you will arrive in the first caravanserai. Miandasht caravanserai is located in a vast plain near Mayamey and just along the main road.

Fortunately, Miandasht caravanserai has properly reconstructed and is ready to use by passengers. After visiting this large complex, proceed west 130 kilometers. Just in the middle of the route, you will arrive in Dehmolla caravanserai in a village with same name. Dehmolla caravanserai is a small one that is not properly maintained.


After visiting Dehmolla and passing through Mehmandoust you can enter Damghan where Tarikhaneh Mosque is the most important historical monument. Other options for visiting are the historical buildings and the beautiful nature of Cheshmeh Ali. Don’t forget that our purpose of this trip is seeing the caravanserais, therefore, don’t miss the time and proceed to Damghan.

In the last one-third of this desert route you reach a point that is highly round about. Here is Gardaneh-ye Ahuan.

Anoshiravan caravanserai of Ahuan, that is also famous as Anoshiravani Rebat, is placed 120 kilometers far from Dehmolla caravanserai. Note that the distance between caravanserais is exactly calculated and intentionally planed.

کاروانسرای آهوان

Anoshiravan caravanserai in Gardane-ye Ahuan, in which the rush winters had been famous from the past, was constructed to be the shelter of passengers in this long route. The amount of stone used for constructing this building attracts your attention and it is certainly related to the hard climatic conditions in Gardane-ye Ahuan. A part of this Rebat has been restored, however, no facilities have been still provided for night stay.

After this busy day you should find a place for night stay. Proceed 70 kilometers to Tehran, passing through Semnan, you will arrive in Lasjerd caravanserai that is the best place to rest.

Imagine the sound of camels and caravans that arrive to Lasjerd caravanserai in the evening and you are accompanied by passengers from different cities and countries.


Day 2

Semnan is the seventh large province in Iran and you are passing through the width of this province along the Silk Road.

Leave Lasjerd caravanserai and you will reach Dehnamak caravanserai after 40 kilometers, in the south of Semnan to Garmsar road. This caravanserai has also been constructed and you can stay for the night.

Although our trip is ending in Semnan province, it is a pity to finish this rout in this way; we recommend you to visit Deyr-e Gachin caravanserai as your last destination. It is located in the middle of the new road of Garmasar to Qom almost on the borderline between Qom and Semnan provinces, however, the caravanserai is considered to be one of the historical monuments of Qom province based on the country divisions.

This caravanserai that is also best-known as Deyr-e Kaaj, is one of the most complete caravanserais in Iran that is considered to be the mother of Iran caravanserais. The antiquity of the original building backs to Sassanid period and fortunately, passengers can stay there. Since there is no city or village near Deyr-e Gachin, you can enjoy a night stay in this Kavir desert that makes an unforgettable experience for you.

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