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The Border Line between Desert and Jungle

The Border Line between Desert and Jungle

From Tehran to Gonbad

One of the main wonders in nature of Iran is the sudden climate change that we can see it in Semnan in the best way possible. It is interesting to know that when you are walking in desert villages the jungle is nearby, too!


1st Day

Your travel from Tehran to Gonbad starts from Varamin in southeast of Tehran. Varamin is a historic city where you should visit Central Mosque, Alauddin Tower and Emamzadeh Yahya (shrine). You are still in Tehran Province and it ends with leaving Varamin. The next city on your way is Garmsar.

In the past, Garmsar was one of Ray states. Therefore, it is expected to see different attractions in this city. The existence of two caravancerais as Qasr-e Bahram and Eynolrashid in this city indicates its importance for travelers.  The pavement street which was a part of Isfahan to Sari road also confirms this hypothesis. A part of Kavir National Park is also here.

Shortly after an excursion into Garmsar, you can arrive at Semnan. Stay for night there and visit its attractions tomorrow.


2nd Day

The Central Mosque and Arg Gate are welcoming you first of all. You will also see the famous Seljuk minaret inside the mosque. If you are a museum-goer, it is interesting to know that Semnan has many museums; from Pahneh Bath Museum to the Museum of Contemporary Arts of East of Iran, all have been gathered in Semnan.

It is better you to leave Semnan for Damghan in order to have enough time to visit Cheshmeh-Ali and Tepe Hissar. Moreover, Tarikhneh, one of the first mosques of Islamic Period, is also placed in Damghan. You have to get yourself to Shahrud for a night stay or you will fall behind schedule


3rd Day

The third day starts from Shahrud. It is here that the desert fire is mixed with the cold of jungle. Interesting among Shahrud attractions are Chenar-e Sukhteh, Tekye Golshan, Central Mosque and Zanjiri Tekye located inside Bazar. Leave Shahrud for Bastam; the land of Bayazid! In addition to Bayazid Bastami Tomb, there also exist the Kashaneh Tower and the Central Mosque of Bastam.

You must know that Abr Jungle is also nearby. If you like jungle trekking, you have to add one more day to your travel. Otherwise, leave for Kalateh Khij; there was a center for fabric weaving in the past here and broadcloth (Mahut) weaving is still popular. Spent your night here and go for Azad Shahr and Gonbad-e Kavus in last day.


4th Day

Here is the last destination! A city embracing one of the World Heritages of Iran. You can see the astonishing Gonbad-e Kavus in the neighborhood of National Park. Other options to visit are Alma Gol Lake, Golestan Dam and Incheh Borun Edgy City. When sunset is coming our travel is also ending. Now that you are situated at the heart of jungle remember how you have entered the jungle from desert.