Zahir-ul-Islam Historic Bath (Anthropology Museum of Ardabil)

Zahir-ul-Islam Historic Bath (Anthropology Museum of Ardabil)

Zahir-ul-Islam Historic Bath is one of the historic baths of Ardabil city related to Ilkhanate rule. However, it was bought, restored and extended with several rooms, by a person named Motamen al-Raaya in Qajar period.

Being also known as the bath of Agha Naghi of Ardabil, Zahir-ul-Islam Historic Bath is opened with the anteroom and dressing room, like other Persian baths. The entrance part of the bath, which is known as Sarbineh in Persian architecture, has a dome. In addition, there exist two Khazineh (means hothouse) for both hot and cold water.

Given to the lack of the modern piping, water supplied here using the clay pipes. The source of this water was one of the main Ardabil rivers from which the water was directed to the bath through the clay pipes and was left in the same way. We can see today all sections of the bath as well as the technologies used there in the Ethnography Museum of Ardabil.

The building had still been used as a bath until the Pahlavi Period, however, it was finally bought, restored and used as a museum by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Ardabil, in 1378 S.H.

In order to exhibit the costumes, clothing and life style of Ardabil people, the museum uses 33 wax sculptures. Moreover, some handwritten material and documents related to the cultural and historic identity of the region is kept here in the museum so that tourists can not only visit the structure of a Persian bath, in person, but also they can recognize the culture of Ardabil people here. The museum is located in Sa’adi boulevard, near Darvazeh (means gate) or Ali Ghapu, opposite to the entrance of sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble.

If you are interested in visiting this site, plan your time as if you want to see Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble, too, and do it after buying Ardabil souvenirs. The most famous Ardabil souvenirs which are highly popular among the tourists are Black Halva and different kinds of delicious cookies you can try them before reaching to the museum.

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