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Vali Castle

Vali Castle

Vali Castle

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Vali castle is one of the most significant historical buildings related to the Qajar era in Ilam, which was built by Gholamreza Khan Vali order on the Choqamirak hill in 1326 AH. In fact, this building was used by a warden in summer.

The castle has a southern facade and is almost trapezoid with different parts such as harem, alcove, mirror room, a prison in underground and three entrances in east, west and south the main entrance is located in the south part and the other entrances are private.

Stone, stucco, tile and wood are the materials used in the architecture of this building. The building destroyed in imposed war between Iran and Iraq and Ilam cultural heritage management holds this building from 1367. This building usage has been changed to the Ilam ethnography museum from 1385.

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