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Valasht Lake

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Valasht Lake is a lone and beautiful lake in the heart of the northern forests of Iran. Valasht Lake is located in the northern hillside of Alborz mountain range and in the south east of Chalus city in Mazandaran province. 
The Lake lies in a valley hiding it from outside and you will not discover the beauty of the lake unless you cross the valley. Valasht Lake which is one of the largest freshwater Lake in Mazandaran province, welcomes those visitors who are interested in water sports such as boating and fishing. It is worth Noting that this site follows fishing quotas and it is recommended to check the date before going fishing. 
Valast Lake has an area of about 150,000 square meters and its depth in some places reaches 220 meters. The lake has literally sprung up from beneath the ground for the water feeding it comes from underground springs, flowing into a big bowl formed as the result of erosion which now functions as the basin of this peaceful lake.
Valasht Lake is established as one of the Natural sites in Iranian Natural Heritage List. Due to the fact that this Lake is located near Kelardasht city, has led to many visitors to this natural phenomenon in Mazandaran province, especially in spring and summer.  
The vegetation in this area includes shrubs and the trees are less visible. However the lake has a more diverse fauna, including aquatic animals such as Caspian kutum, Northern pike, snakes and frogs. In addition, due to its seclusion and relative remoteness from villages, the lake is a temporary home to migrating birds.
This lake is suitable for those travelers who are looking for a quiet place between the sky and the earth, somewhere far from the madding crowd where they can find solace. Except on the weekends when the lake is crowded with people, you may experience calm and peaceful days by the side of the lake. .Around the lake there are facilities such as accommodation, restaurant and cafe, places to set up tents as well as shops and supermarkets. In peak seasons, facilities such as leisure boats and fishing gear are available.
In order to reach this wonderful place, it is needed to go 23 kilometers after the Kojoor Bridge, before reaching Marzanabad city, and take the asphalt road that goes to the west. It is located on the road to a village called "Kordichal", from which a dirt road leads to the lake.

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