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Urmia Municipality Building (the Jewel of Enqelab Square)

Urmia Municipality Building (the Jewel of Enqelab Square)

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Although Urmia is famous for its beautiful nature and salty lake, the historical values and architecture of the Urmia Municipality Building cannot be neglected.

Urmia Municipality Building was built in Pahlavi I period and is still standing in the same Enqelab square or the former Eyalat square. It is about 1300 meters from old bazar of Urmia to this building. The building of police office and general headquarters are also placed around the square among which the beauty of Urmia Municipality Building is more attractive. During travel to Urmia in 1307 SH, Pahlavi I ordered this building to be built.

Baladieh or Urmia Municipality Building was designed by Germans and built by Mashahdi Mohammad Hossein, famous as Mola Osta; he left an artistic work for us. Mola Osta was not literate, however, he plays a vital role in urban design and development of Urmia.

The current Municipality Building is the first building that was built in this city as Baladieh. Hossein Khan Jahangiri, known as Biglar Beygi, was the first mayor who started his work in this mansion. He worked hard to beautify the city.

Russians bombarded this mansion in 1320 SH and ruined a part of it. Avesta Mahbour along with an Armenian master reconstructed the building and Germans designed the main plan of building as an eagle with opened wings; similar to Tabriz Municipality Building. the phrase of Urmia Municipality can be seen on top of the façade of the building in an inscription. The mansion includes the basement, the ground and first floor.

The powerhouse is placed in the basement. The administrative offices and corridor are placed in the ground floor and the first floor contains the rest of the administrative offices and conference hall. The two-way staircase connects the ground floor to the first floor through a beautiful turn.

There are four columns in front of the main façade of the building; also, the balcony that has been built in the first floor gives a glorious appearance to the building. windows are seen in semicircular form outside and it is probably for receiving more light and warmth. The frames of windows are different in two floors, too.

The roof is gable. The reflection of the mansion in the water of pool of Enqelab square in nights gives a spectacular look to the square.

You can walk from the square to old bazar, which is the reminiscence of Safavid dynasty. Urmia bazar has many attractive arches and chambers like gold sellers and rug sellers. Then go to Se-Gonbad Tower and don’t forget Urmia sugar.

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