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Tomb of Nader Shah

Tomb of Nader Shah

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Tomb of Nader Shah is a building in Mashhad that is a symbolic reminder of one of the most powerful rulers of Afshar dynasty. This structure was designed by Hooshang Seyhun in 1963. The complex of Tomb of Nader Shah consists of a tomb and two museums. One of the exhibit rooms of the museum is allocated to the weaponry of Iran during different eras and the other exhibits artifacts from Afshar era.
It is said that Nader Shah himself ordered for a garden and tomb to be built in Mashhad. This small tomb was built in 1733 next to Chaharbagh Shahi facing the Imam Reza shrine and was made from cob bricks and clay. But it was destructed as time passed by. In 1017 Ghavam ol-Saltaneh, a member of Qajar royal court moved the remainder of Nader Shah from Tehran to Mashhad and buried it in a tomb. Finally, in 1956, the Society for the National Heritage of Iran decided to dedicate a proper tomb to Nader Shah. What is known today as Tomb of Nader Shah was opened on 2 April 1963.
Naderi Garden is located in an area bigger than fourteen thousand and four hundred square meters on northwest side of Shohada intersection. After Imam Reza shrine, this complex is considered the most important tourism and historical attraction of Mashhad. The sculpture of Nader Shah riding his horse accompanied by three persons, a platform with twelve stairs, and the tomb itself are some of the attractions of this garden. The sculpture was created by the renowned sculptor Abolhassan Sadighi.

The materials used in Tomb of Nader Shah are generally gathered from Kuh Sangi. The roof of the tomb is intelligently designed in the form of a tent because Nader Shah was born and killed in a nomadic tent. The internal walls of tomb are made of red marbles brought in from Maragheh. They have been chosen to recreate the scene of murder of the king in an artistic manner. As previously said, in addition to the tomb, there are two museums in this complex to further introduce the Afshar heritage to visitors. One of the exhibit rooms includeس kinds of weaponry, army clothes from Afshar era and also paintings of Battle of Karnal. The other room of the museum is dedicated to photographs and documents related to the life of Nader Shah as well as Colonel Mohammad Tagi Khan Pessian, commander in chief of Khorasan. His tomb is located in the northern corner of the Tomb of Nader Shah complex.
The position of the complex inside a city and well-proportioned landscaping has mad Tomb of Nader Shah one of the most popular sites of Mashhad. As one of its entertainments, the visitors can wear army clothes similar to those of Afshar soldiers and take photos.

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