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Tomb of Baba Taher

Tomb of Baba Taher

Tomb of Baba Taher

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Located on a hill in northwest of Hamedan, in front of the Alvand summit and the Mausoleum of Imamzadeh Hares, the tomb of Baba Taher is the grave of Baba Taher, the poet and the mystic of the fifth century AH.

Baba Taher, nicknamed as Oryan, is well known for his mystical and rich Do-bayti (literally "two-couplet"). The researchers have found many dates for his birthday and death. Written by Persian historian Muhammad bin Ali Rawandi, Rahat al-sudur is the oldest document to prove his meeting with Tughril Beg in four hundred and forty seven AH or four hundred and fifty AH.

He mastered the Arabic language and spoke a certain Persian dialect. It is said that he has composed three hundred and sixty five do-bayti. Some of them are in a special dialect belong to the west of Iran.

Speaking about the sacred mausoleum of Hamedan, Hamdallah Mustawfi is the first who mentioned the Tomb of Baba Taher. This monument built an eight-sided brick tower in the sixth century AH. It was destroyed in the early fourteenth century SH, so it was simply rebuilt in 1317 SH.  It was Mohsen Foroughi who designed this tomb and the construction of this structure was finished in 1349 SH in a square that covers more than one hundred thousand square meters.

The Tomb of Baba Taher is a ten-by-ten meter and it consists of a set of prisms that has some holes for light can enter and it is reinforced with internal concrete coils.

This tower is situated on an octagonal base which is twenty five meters above the street. The tombstone, the floor, and the stairways around this tomb are made of excellent carved granite stone and its faced consists of high-quality white stone. The mosaic faience and delicate decoration inside this tomb, accompanied by twenty four do-bayti on twenty four marble pieces at the bottom, make this tomb so beautiful.

In the past, there was a building in front of this tomb with some simple rooms where dervishes inhabited. Near the Tomb of Baba Taher, there exist the tombs of some celebrities from Hamedan. The tomb of Sayed Mir Agha Kebryaee (nicknamed as Maftun Hamedani).

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