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Tomb of Baba Rokneddin

Tomb of Baba Rokneddin


Tomb of Baba Rokneddin

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There are a lot of well-known touristic attractions in Isfahan that many foreign and domestic tourists like to visit. Although some are not as widely known as the other so they have fewer visitors. Tomb of Baba Rokneddin is one of them and if you like to visit the historical and religious monuments, you will like this monument.

Tomb of Baba Rokneddin was one of the most famous mystics in the eighth century whose brick tomb is in Isfahan. There is a distance of five kilometers from Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which is the most crowded place in Isfahan, to the Tomb of Baba Rokneddin. Passing Ferdowsi Street and Ayeneh Khaneh Boulevard, you will reach to Feiz Street. Then Enter Azadegan Street from the end of Faiz Street to reach the tomb.

Massoud ibn Abdullah Beyzavi, known as Baba Rokneddin, was born in Beyza, Shiraz Province. During the reign of Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan, the ninth ruler of the Ilkhanate, Baba Rokneddin was living in Isfahan. People respected him. “Nosoos al-Khosoos fi Tarjomah alfosoos” is one of his most important books that are a description book of the Fosoos al-Hekam (The bezels of wisdom) by Ibn al-ʻArabī. It was Baba Rokneddin who developed and continue Theoretical Sufism which was founded by Ibn al-ʻArabī.

Performing Chilla (retreat) in this tomb with other mystics, Baba Rokneddin was a great spiritual leader of mysticism. It was for this reason that he was entitled “Baba” (which means father in Persian).

Even though you are not familiar with his books or you do not know him very well, you would not regret visiting his tomb. This historical monument was built during Mongols and it was tiled and renovated during the reign of Shāh Abbās the Great (5th Safavid Shah of Iran). Its courtyard was founded at the same time and it was decorated and renovated again during Sultan Husayn (one of the Safavid Kings in Iran).

Tomb of Baba Rokneddin has a pentagon plan and a twelve ribbed dome. The number five symbolize Ahl al-Kisa' (or the People of the Cloak) and 12 recalls The Twelve Imams. The tomb situated in one of five Uniform Beneath the dome. This tomb is made of marble and it is huge. It is more than two long and one meter wide.

The inscription on the top of the propylaeum of the tomb is written by Mohammad Saleh Esfahani around 1008 SH and there is a beautiful tiling on the exterior propylaeum.

This tomb is situated near Takht-e Foulad in Isfahan which is one of the most prominent historical cemeteries in Isfahan. Takht-e Foulad is also in the in nine hundred meters to the Tomb of Baba Rokneddin.

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