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Tomanians's Mansion

Tomanians's Mansion

Khoda Afarin

Tomanians's Mansion

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





The Tomanians's Mansion in Vinag village is a building related to Qajar period on the top of a rocky hill made by Sarkis Tomanians. for this reason, its structure has not obeyed the archetype of Iranian nor Islamic appearances and is similar to European and Russian buildings of 19th century.

Sarkis Tomanians had owned about one hundreds of villages around the "Menjuvan" and "Keyvan" of Khoda Afarin rural district with the help of the Russian empire and had been considered as a famous landlord in the region but their efforts in Iran were in wain after formation of the Soviet Union by Stalin. This mansion is a kiosk in two floors with six towers and a porch. The heating system of this building is unique in which the pottery pipes are set through the walls. As soon as the hot water had been circulated the whole building would be heated up.               


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