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Natural History Museum in Ardabil

Natural History Museum in Ardabil

Natural History Museum in Ardabil







Natural History Museum is located on the eastern shore of Lake Shurabil and displays different ecosystems of Ardabil province and various species of animals. This Natural History Museum was reopened in 2002 on two floors with an area of ​​4638 square meters. On the second floor of the museum, you can see the heights of Sabalan and the beautiful Lake Shurabil. This lake is one of the natural attractions of Ardabil, and the results of geological studies show that this lake is older than Lake Urmia. In addition to different animal species, different types of plants and rocks are also displayed and maintained. Ardabil Museum of Natural History consists of various exhibitions, study and educational sections, art, and welfare. Its exhibition section is divided into six sections: Creation, Plain Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Park Ecology, and Aquarium. The first part of the museum is known as paleontology and creation and is dedicated to displaying the various geological stages and the location of the earth in the solar system. The other part of the museum displays different species of animals, amounting to one hundred and twenty species. These species are displayed in taxidermy. They include eighty species of birds, twenty species of mammals, twelve species of amphibians, a variety of fish, and eight rare wild species. These animals and birds are arranged in such a way to represent the real-life of animals in nature. The three types of habitats shown in this section are mountainous habitat, plain habitat, and wetland, all three of which can be seen in Ardabil province. Wetland and plain habitats are well located in the museum. The other part of the museum includes skulls, horns, wings, insects, and various fossils and minerals. In all these sections, large aquariums have been installed where different types of poisonous and non-poisonous fish and snakes are kept and displayed in thirteen different groups. In addition to the exhibition, this museum is an educational and research institute, and part of it is dedicated to presenting scientific books and magazines in the field of wildlife and the environment.

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