Morvarid Palace

Morvarid Palace

Morvarid Palace (literary means pearl) or Shams Palace (Shams means sun, however, the term is referred to the main owner of the building, the princess Shams Pahlavi, the elder sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last king of Iran) is located in Mehr Shahr near Karaj, Alborz Province. The palace was designed for princess Shams Pahlavi in Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation by William Wesley Peters (1912-1991), the American architect and engineer and the colleague of the foundation) in partnership with Nezam Ameri, between 1345 and 1347 S.H. Princess Shams who suffered from asthma moved to Mehr Shahr due to health concerns. The construction costs were approximately 1000000000 dollars in that time and it has currently inscribed on the list of Iranian National Properties.  

It is 111hectare in area in which the summerhouse is 2500 m2 as a square form. The material used for this structure was concrete and it was designed as a flounder embracing a shell. Also, a reciprocal roof with skylight decorated in pearl beads has covered the whole building.

There is a small pool in the center of the yard which is extended to the northern and external parts of the palace as the flounder’s fins embracing the building from three sides. The depth of pool is suitable for boating.

The large dome, the small dome, a golden hall, offices, reception hall, ramp, church arrays, theatre and cinema halls with capacity of 99 persons, billiard room, pool, fountain, birds room, arched rooms, shell room, dining room and bed rooms are the main sectors of Pearl Palace.

The lightening of Palace has been provided not only using the many skylights, but also there are several ceiling light and chandelier along with the light reflected on the glasses used for the wall covering.

Being a supreme sample of the 20th century architecture in Iran and one of the historic memories of Karaj city, Morvarid Palace in now under reconstruction after decades of water leakage into concrete in the foundation resulted in destruction of the main dome. Therefore, visiting this palace is only during the special events possible.  

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