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Locho Wrestling

Locho Wrestling


Locho wrestling is held in the north of Iran, especially in Fereydoon Kenar, Bandpey and Joybar as a traditional, frankly and ancient sport for 1600 years. This wrestling, which is also known to be the Locho heroic sport, has a particular position in the culture and valuable beliefs of the locals and now, it has been a national registered heritage. Locho term means a long wood approximately 3 meters with about 6 to 12 cm diameter, installed in a place where the wrestling is performed with a piece of cloth gird at the top of it.

In normal form, this wrestling is done by the villagers in their leisure time for one or more days, or two weeks as the entertainment of many adults and men in religious and national holidays, before and after the planting or after the harvesting and also at the time of local bazaars installation or wedding parties. The elders who are professional in this type of wrestling usually set the time of this competition and inform the other people, neighbors, parts and counties. The cost of this ceremony's holding and its awards are supplied by the inhabitants of one or more villages and they are granted to the winners. The sound of music instruments and drum declares the holding of the wrestling competition with the presence of the fans and 1 to 3 referees from the elders who are professional in this field of sport.

Locho wrestling is not freestyle wrestling

Each competitor tries to gain the superior position by using the techniques on some parts of the opponent’s body, such as (head, elbow, knee and etc.) in this type of wrestling. The Locho wrestling is based on ethic and bravery aspects, the spirit of manhood and avoiding from arrogance, selfishness and compliance in Islamic values; so, respect to the opponent and non-use of violent techniques are the rules of the game and any techniques out of these rules are fault.


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