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Jamshidieh Park 

Jamshidieh Park 


Jamshidieh Park 

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Jamshidieh Park (Stone Garden) is one of the parks in Tehran. It is located at the end of Shahid Bahonar Street (Niavaran) in an area of about 10 hectares. Jamshidieh has four entrances. The construction of this park dates back to 1977. The designer of Jamshidieh is Kamran Diba, one of the famous architects in Iran, who also designed the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Niavaran Cultural Center, Daneshjoo Cultural Center, and Shafaq Park.
This park is located at the end of the northern part of Tehran in the foothills of Alborz. It was built on the ruins of an old garden. Jamshidieh was originally a private garden, then, it became a mountainous and rocky park, but it still retains the name of its old owner.
The features of this park are the lake, the adjacent waterfall, and also the stone fountains. But perhaps the unique feature in the design of Jamshidieh Park is the use of the principles of gardening and the spirit of the Iranian garden in a somewhat more modern way. This characteristic can be seen from the beginning of the entrance. The motifs installed on the short black metal gates are similar to Persian calligraphy on the one hand, and the modern motifs of modern graphic art on the other hand, which may not be so unrelated.
One of the attractive features of Jamshidieh is that it is in the neighborhood of the route that is adjacent to Kolakchal Mountain where the climbers choose to conquer its peak. 
Facilities and entertainment in Jamshidieh Park include the amphitheater, restaurant, and parking lot. The best time to explore this park may be spring and summer due to the nice weather, and because of its proximity to the city of Tehran and easy access to it in all seasons, you can enjoy it anytime you want. Other attractions near this stone park include Niavaran Palace, Niavaran Park, and Niavaran Cultural Center.

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