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Jameh Mosque of Fahraj


Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

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Jameh Mosque of Fahraj remains from the first century AH that, according to the historical document, was built after the conquest of Yazd by the Islamic armies. Jameh Mosque of Fahraj in Yazd province is located in Fahraj village, 25 kilometers southeast of Yazd city. In order to find this historical building, you must enter Yazd-Bafq highway after leaving Yazd toward kerman. After about seventeenth kilometers the Jameh Mosque of Fahraj appears in front of you.

There are no traces of tile, decoration, inscription and dome in Jameh Mosque of Fahraj. The architect and designer of the mosque planed the main and original structure of the building to be composed of a prayer hall and a porch surrounding a central court yard. The plan of Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is much simpler than Tarikhaneh mosque and it has a prayer hall with three entrances.

Vaults and arches are oval-form and the imitation of Sassanid architectural techniques such as stucco motifs and some spirals similar to those applied in Taq Kasra, in Ctesiphon, is seen here. what also should be said about the architecture of the prayer hall in the mosque is the existence of a pointed arch on top of each entrance.

Interesting among other wonders of this mosque is the width of the middle entrance of the prayer hall that has been erected with a slight difference in width (two side entrances are less wide). It is one of the main and distinctive features of Persian architecture in the early Islamic period in which the middle entrance was designed in the direction of Qibla and it was wider than two other ones because of the existence of Mihrab (Alter).

The architects of this ancient mosque considered two Mihrabs for this historical building. The first Mihrab that was considered to be the main one, was made of plaster with 2.32 meters of width in 3.24 meters of height, placed at the end of the middle entrance. The second Mihrab, that is smaller than the former, is placed in very short distance from the west side of the main Mihrab. 

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