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Jajarm Museum of Bath

Jajarm Museum of Bath


Jajarm Museum of Bath

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Jajarm Museum of Bath that is known as a historical bath dates back to hundreds of years ago attributed to Safavid period. This building is placed in the old texture of the city placed in a populated region that was a suitable place for informing public. Public baths are a place of visiting in the past. Baths are non-religious buildings that were considered to be one of the main urban buildings. Locating in the public passages, bazaars, caravanserais and close to the mosque gave them a highlighted position. After the spread of Islam in Iran many baths were established in cities and villages. This was being carried out in Safavid period with more precision and elegance. Jajarm Bath  is somehow the first and the oldest bath of this city.  

Jajarm Bath includes different parts: 1- Sarbineh or changing room that is, in fact, the entrance hall of the bath and the first phase of entering the bath; 2- the space of pool that was prepared for gradually cooling and warming up the body; 3- Khazineh, that is the main part of the bath and the place of body wash; a perfect bath had three Khazinehs one for hot water and the other for cold water with a tepid water in between.  4- hothouse, that was related to summer.

Some parts of the floor of Jajarm Bath were decorated in Arabesque and Khataii traditional motifs that distinguished between it and other parts of the museum; 5- Cistern and external parts; 6- Golkhan. This monument was inscribed on the index of National Heritages of Iran in 1386 SH and was later converted into the museum after a while. The museum has different parts interesting among them are traditional cloths, the exhibitive part of bathe in the traditional style through some sculptures, the part of the fame of Jajarm city, the part of archaeology (the archaeological findings like old potteries, weapons, etc.) and the part of handicrafts. This museum is located between Mosalla and Narin Castle that are among the most important attractions of Jajarm city in North Khorasan province.

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