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House of Mohammad Taghi Khan Sofi


House of Mohammad Taghi Khan Sofi

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Amlash is one of the lush cities of Gilan. It is mostly known for its beautiful nature, but if you are interested in history and traditional architecture, you would not want to miss visiting the House of Mohammad Taghi Khan Sofi, a house designed and built by an artist. This building is located close to Mirza Kuchak Khan Park of Amlash. It is constructed in a land of about three thousand meters and goes back to the Qajar Dynasty. Mohammad Taghi Khan was one of the prominent figures of the Sofi clan who lived in this mansion.

This house is a symbol of the architecture of Qajar and is of historical importance. It has a vast yard with gardens all around it. There is a water pool with blue tiles in the middle of the yard. This building has two stories and is made of bricks, clay, lime, Sarooj mortar and wood. According to the tablet of the mansion, Master Reza is the architect of this house, who built it in 1324 AH.

Although there is a simple portal at the main entrance gate, the portal of the entrance to the mansion itself is very elaborate and full of details. A plaster relief with the motif of two lions with swords can be seen on the top, and eleven frames of tiles decorate the lower side. These are works by Haj Yusef who created them in 1326 with the theme of hunting grounds. The stuccos continue inside the rooms and the alcove. They are half relief arabesque motifs that decorate all around the ceiling, the fireplace and other parts of the house. These are some of the features that distinguish the House of Mohammad Taghi Khan Sofi from the rest of the historic mansions. These stuccos are symbols of the architecture of Qajar and the early Pahlavi era.

The floor is made of designed wood, a material that has been used in doors and windows, too.

House of Mohammad Taghi Khan Sofi was registered as a national heritage of Iran in 1380 SH and is considered as one of the important tourist sites of the north.

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