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Gorgam va Galeh Mibaram

Gorgam va Galeh Mibaram


Gorgam va Galeh Mibaram is one of the oldest enlivening and exciting folk game that is played along with children’s songs in all rural and nomad areas of Iran and is an exercise of the shepherding role in the early years of people life.

Based on the areas, there is some difference in performing methods and children songs in this game which is highly common among the children. Gorgam va Galeh Mibaram game is with no gender limitation played in a different range of age with at least 8 players and at most 15 players in outdoor.

In this game, two of most agile children elected as wolf and a shepherd. The other players are considered as lamb and sheep flock standing in a chain in front of wolf and behind the shepherd taking the clothes of each other. The children queue follows the shepherd singing the song simultaneously in answer to the question of the wolf during the game. Wolf starts to attack and try to take away one sheep. At this time, when the shepherd finds him and the lamb life in danger, uses his hands to keep the sheep safe and irregularly move to right and left with the sheep which are behind him to protect them and does not let wolf to come near to his sheep. All the lambs in chain follow the shepherd and move toward the sides.

The wolf tries to catch the lambs from the flock and if a lamb touched by wolf hands should leave the lambs queue and stand behind the wolf and helps him to catch the other lambs while singing the song. This process continues up to the time when all the children (lambs) behind the shepherd catch by the wolf and finally the shepherd in this turn will become wolf in the next turn.

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