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Dogur Dopa

Dogur Dopa


Dogur Dopa


Kuhgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad may be a small province, but it is full of braveries. It is home to heroes like Ariobarzan and Lohrasb. It is the pearl of Zagros, and holds the Dena Mountain. It is full of oak trees, rivers and waterfall flowing in it has oil resources, and finally, has many historical sites: Tal-e Khosrow, Sarvak historical gorge, Pataveh Bridges, Takhte Shahneshin etc.

One of the less known monuments of this region is Dogur Dopa. It is a very strange site that has not still received the attention it deserves. It is located ninety-five kilometers of Yasuj. If you travel to Gachsaran from Basht, you will reach a dirt road to Shush that leads to Shush Village. Dogur Dopa can be seen on the top of a hill facing the village.

Dogur Dopa is two stone columns located on the top of a hill. They are made of monolithic limestones and are cream in color. One of them is bout two meters tall and the other less than one hundred and ninety centimeters tall. They are located in fifty centimeters distant from each other. There is no unanimous opinion about the function of these columns. Some experts know them to be the remaining of a Zoroastrian fire temple that goes back to the Sassanid Empire. The others believe they are related to the Mithraism religion as they find these columns similar to those of Mithraism temples such as Khorheh. The villagers themselves believe that the columns acted as guides for the caravans so that they would not lose their way in the darkness. They narrate that up to fifty years ago after the sunset of each night, the members of the village set a fire on the top of them in turn.

The legal boundary of this monument has been determined by Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, but further researches are needed to determine the exact history of Dogur Dopa. This site was registered as a national heritage of Iran in 1379 SH, and now can be visited any time of the year.

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