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Daryasar Plain

Daryasar Plain

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Encountering with this plain probably makes you feel you’re in Alp Mounts in Switzerland. A plain covered by yellow aromatic flowers and spectacular landscape of high summits of Alborz Mountains mixed with the colors of green hills create a unique landscape. All of above are the descriptions of Dryasar Plain, Mazandaran, Iran.

Daryasar Plain is located in the south of Tonekabon city. Sialan, the summit, with 4200meters height stands firmly in the south of the plain, while the northern view is forest. Daryasar Plain is the border between the high summits of Alamout district and humid fields of Mazandaran.

Every year, Daryasar Plain, in the mid-spring, is covered by a yellow carpet of aromatic flowers. During April the plain is really wonderful, the landscape is a mixture of green grass and colorful flowers which sit silently in the foreground of white-headed summits in the background, these beauties surround by a clear blue sky.

In spring, fountains come out from the ground and irrigate the plain. Sometimes the fountains are overflowing and it’s hard to find a dry place to sit.

Daryasar Plain is located at the end of an attractive mountainous rout, too. A route begins from the south of Alborz Mountains and after traversing high mountains more than 3000 meters above the sea in height, finally Daryasar Plain emerges in front of you. This route is the best choice for climbers.

To access to this beautiful plain, at first you ought to travel to Tonekabon city in western Mazandaran, then follow the road of Dohezar Forest till arriving to Asalmahaleh village. Then there is an hour and a half rout to walk to arrive Daryasar Plain.

If you decide to stay and spend a night there, there are many houses and local hostels to rent in Asalmahaleh, even a hotel near the main road of Dohezar Forest.

Dohezar Forest road is one of the most beautiful forest roads of Iran. Although Daryasar Plain is the destination of many visitors but the beauties of this forest road are really attractive and impressive too.  

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