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Constitution House of Isfahan

Constitution House of Isfahan

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Constitution House of Isfahan is one of the less considered monuments of Isfahan city. The house with fantastic architecture and dreamy sights is a reflection of the atmosphere and the mood of Iranian cities about a century ago. The building, same as the other Qajar monuments, is full of decorations and details, such as Qmariya, stucco and miniatures. In every corner of the house there is a spell of art and beauty to charm you to bring you back to the past days of the people who breathed in the courtyard, sat in the hall and alcove and gathered in the porch.

Mohammad Taqi Ivanaki was the owner of the house. He was known as Mohammad Taqi Razi Isfahani or Sheikh Razi, too. He was one of the significant figures of that era, he also was the master of Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri.

Constitution House of Isfahan with two great courtyards has been located in the entrance and mid of the house. It comprises 12 rooms and two halls, a place for clergies gathering and intellectuals even the revolutionaries and people who were interested in political issues.

A Haftdari and Panjdari rooms with sash windows are the most impressive parts of the house. During day time sash windows hold a fest of color and light. The doors and windows are covered by the pieces of mirror to reflect the color and light and create an illusive atmosphere.  These typical doors and windows were common in Qajar reign, you can even find them in the interior of the houses of Yazd, Shiraz and Tabriz. Haftdari room is located in the northern side of the house and was built as a summer room.

Constitution House of Isfahan, same as the other yokefellows in Tabriz and Shiraz, has an impressive courtyard with a pool at the center and symmetrical gardens around.

The house has been registered as a national heritage and converted into museum; A collection of photographs, statues and documents related to the constitutional revolution. Constitution House of Isfahan is located in Qasre Monshi neighborhood and is receptive to all the visitors.

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