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Chalabi Oghlu Monastery

Chalabi Oghlu Monastery


Chalabi Oghlu Monastery

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Chalabi Oghlu Monastery (Persian: خانقاه چلبی اوغلو) is located southwest of Soltaniyeh on the Soltaniyeh-Khodabandeh road. Andre Godard (Archaeologist) said that the inscription shows this attraction dates back to the 14 century AD. But it seems that this date refers to the year of writing this inscription in this historical monument. The inscription engraved on the south side of the monastery porch has great importance in estimating the construction history. Part of the inscription has been destroyed, but the remaining works are very credible in clarifying the construction history. This building most likely belonged to Sheikh Barragh Baba, according to studies. He was one of the great Sufis in the Ilkhanid era (1256-1335) and was a famous person. 
The monastery complex and mausoleum of Chalabi Oghlu have a specific design of monasteries of the Mevlevi Order, which is unique in Iran. The use of stone with gypsum mortar is the method of construction of this building. And its design is inspired by the beliefs of Sofia. Each space is designed with its function. The architecture of columns and walls around the monastery courtyard in an oblique manner is rare construction technology. The building has unique decorations of the ilkhanid period, including the south porch of the monastery and the gate. 
It is not clear exactly why this monastery is called Chalabi Oghlu, and there are several hypotheses. Some believe that this name may have a reference or connection with the famous Chalabi Oghlu. The presumption of the construction of this building under the order of Chalabi Oghlu, the grandson of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi (famous Iranian poet), or the fact that the tomb belongs to Barragh Baba, adds to its importance. This complex is reminiscent of the interregnum after the Mongol invasion of Iran. It is also just one of the two remaining buildings of the magnificent building complex of the city of Soltaniyeh during the ilkhanid era. This old building is one of the historical monuments that has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran and has been under repair and restoration for a long time. Some parts of the monastery rooms are now available to tourists as accommodations. Other historical monuments located near this monastery include the famous Soltaniyeh historical dome.

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