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Bisheh waterfall

Bisheh waterfall


Bisheh waterfall

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Bisheh waterfall is adjacent to a village, 65 km from Khorramabad and 30 km from Doroud. Bisheh waterfall is located in the west of "Kolah Kooh" hills and "Cheshmeh Parian" village, in the south of Azgan Mountain, next to Doroud railway station that goes from Tehran to Ahvaz. This railway station is one of the most beautiful stations in the country. Bisheh waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country and has been registered in the list of the national natural heritage of Iran. Lorestan is a province of waterfalls that has more than 50 waterfalls.

Bisheh waterfall is 58 meters high and 20 meters wide in the crown. After the collapse, the water of Bishe waterfall reaches the Caesar River. Caesar finally joins the Dez River. At the top of the waterfall, there are several springs that irrigate it. The pit is formed by the erosion of water under the waterfall phenomenon, and there are mountainous blooms near the waterfall. Bisheh waterfall, which is a calcareous formation, dates back to the third geological period, "Neolithic" and about 65 million years ago.

Bishe village, also called Bishe station village, is 8 km from the mountain. The village is located in northwest of the railway. It has cold winters. It is surrounded by the Zagros Mountains and is covered with oak and poplar forests. Bishe village is a passage over the Kuchro tribes. Handicraft exhibitions and fish ponds are some of the scenic parts of the village.

The access road to Bisheh waterfall is 30 km southeast of Doroud by train from Doroud railway, and there is a distance of about 35 minutes by train to Doroud city. Access to this waterfall by car and asphalt is through Khorramabad, which is about 60 kilometers away. The asphalt access road is through Khorramabad city in the middle of the Zagros Mountains and in the Papi section.

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