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Archaeology Museum (Birjand)

Archaeology Museum (Birjand)

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The Museum of Archaeology in Birjand was established in the mansion and garden of Akbarieh. Akbarieh Garden that is one of the recreational places of Birjand was inscribed in 2011 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Akbarieh garden is located three kilometers southeast of the old Birjand and it is now used as not only the Archaeology Museum, but also as the office of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Birjand. Akbarieh is now a part of Birjand with the same name as a district in this city.

The original construction of the garden backs to the late of Zand and the early Qajar periods in time of Heshmat al-Molk and one of the mansions in the garden is attributed to that period of time. The mansion includes three sections and the original building and the formal part are located in the north side of the garden.

The main part of the mansion is made of brick and is completely symmetrical. The existence of two symmetrical staircases in two sides of the entrance, the arch vault between two brick columns and division of the building into three parts is a plan the origin of which can be traced in the old houses of Birjand. The Archaeology Museum of Birjand consists of different parts: 1- pottery; objects in this part are exhibited in two pre-Islamic and Islamic periods and they have been chronologically organized started from the third, second and first millennium BC and ended in the Islamic items. Some of these potteries are related to the archeological founds in South Khorasan province and some other regions of Iran that have been transferred to the museum; 2- Metal; there are metal objects on display from the first millennium BC to Qajar dynasty that are objects like arrows, dagger and various metal wares; 3- weapon; different weapons from a wide range of time are on display in this section; 4- lighting; those objects that were used before the invention of electricity are exhibited in this section of the museum such as ceramic and metal incense-burners; 5- Quran and books; this section is exhibited in the most beautiful part of the mansion that is pavilion in which manuscript or lithographic Qurans and wares ornamented with Quranic verses are kept; 6- the objects belonged to Alam dynasty.

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