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Ali Shah's Mosque

Ali Shah's Mosque


Ali Shah's Mosque

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





Current remains called "Ali-Shah Ark" are actually a part of an older architectural complex in which This older part includes a mosque built by minister Ali-Shah. from the archeological explorations, it seems that thick columns with the diameter of about 5m in the related plan beneath the dome, had been related to the idea of creating a dome on them. Ibn Battuta writes: "Outside, on the right that a person is standing facing the Qiblah, a school is located and there is a convent on the left".

From this viewpoint, the connection of a school as well as a convent had guaranteed the statistic challenges faced the whole complex beside completing the religious character of the mosque as an endowment complex. Although it is believed that the appearance of unusual plan of Blue Mosque of Tabriz results from the effect of similar archetypes in Ottoman borders, connecting Ali-Shah Tomb to the combination of facade and a domed area in which two lateral applications- monastery and school- were added for preventing arch and dome displacement to both sides reminds the architectural combination of Ottoman mosques around 1385-1464 AD and Blue Mosque in Tabriz.

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