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Acropolis Castle

Acropolis Castle

Susa (Shoush)

Acropolis Castle

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The Acropolis Castle is a beautiful brick castle in the city of Susa on the site of the ancient hills of this region, which is built on the Acropolis Hill. Susa is one of the historical and ancient cities of Iran. 
Susa, in the southwestern of Iran, was the capital of the Elamite government around the fourth millennium BC at Mesopotamian civilization period. In the first half of the millennium BC, Susa was one of the Achaemenid capitals where the beautiful palace of Apadana was built. Among the artifacts obtained from these ancient hills, we can mention the famous bronze statue of the Elamite queen that is the oldest complete statue of a woman in Iran. The wedding ring in her hand is very fantastic. The other examples are the Susa Cylindrical Cup with the famous role of the mountain goat as well as the Code of Hammurabi, king of Babylon, which was brought here as spoils of war between Elam and Mesopotamia. In the middle of the nineteenth century, archaeologists from different countries came to the area to excavate the ancient hills of Susa. The castle was also built-in 1898. Some believe that the castle was the residence of the local excavation team, and others consider it a place to store historical items obtained from excavations. Because with the expansion of operations, the safety of works had become a concern. This beautiful castle was probably built for both users.
The Acropolis Castle of Susa was built during the Qajar period and is a European building decorated in the Iranian style. The castle is built of bricks but covered with bricks. Glazed bricks of the Achaemenid Apadana palace and engraved bricks related to the Choghaznabil ziggurat have been used in different places of this building. That is one of the reasons for the fame, popularity, and many visits to this castle. The medieval architecture is similar to the Bastille prison in France, with two courtyards and two basements at the bottom. The castle has three entrances and is built in the highest part of the city. Roman arches, arched gates, and brick have been used in decoration. There are also two beautiful towers on both sides of the castle, the first one is located on the northwest side. Now this tower is used as a pigeon house. The second tower is built in the middle of the courtyard and is known as the north tower.
Acropolis Castle or Susa Castle has been converted into a museum since 1371 A.H. and is used as a museum to preserve historical objects. It is also known as the Brick Museum due to the extensive use of historical and artistic bricks. There is also a glass room here called the pergola. The Acropolis Castle was severely damaged during the imposed war between Iraq and Iran, then part of its walls was painted by the cultural heritage of the time in 1996.

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